Home National Politics McCain: Republican Balanced Budget Amendment Demand “Foolish,” “Deceiving,” “Unfair,” “Bizarro”

McCain: Republican Balanced Budget Amendment Demand “Foolish,” “Deceiving,” “Unfair,” “Bizarro”


John McCain, my new hero? Not exactly, but still, gotta love this — John McCain actually speaks the truth about something, calls out the Teapublicans for the “bizarro” – and “unfair,” “foolish,” “deceiving” – positions they’re taking. Good for him. I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks? Heh.

In other news, see the “flip” for video of Jim Webb urging action on the debt ceiling, declaring that “the first rule of good government is ‘do no harm,'” reminding people that Ronald Reagan – in whose administration Webb served – raised the debt ceiling 18 times (“more than any other president”), and pleading with Republicans not to make the mistake of “[destroying] the American economy in order to save it.” The question is, do Eric Can’tor and his radically irresponsible Tea Party brigades understand this? Right now, it sure as heck doesn’t seem like it. And that, given how much Republicans have really won this struggle, is what’s truly “bizarro.”

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