Adam Ebbin: “I don’t appreciate Libby speaking for me”


    To date, the 30th State Senate district Democratic race has been a rather sedate affair, almost sleepy, certainly in comparison to the 31st. Well, after last night’s Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance (AGLA) debate, we can definitively say, “not anymore!”

    First, check out the video I’ve embedded to the left, specifically where Libby says, “I’ve been very disappointed, Rob, in your campaign, because you have said constantly you’re the only candidate with children in the public schools, and that’s felt to me, frankly, like code: Adam’s gay, can’t have children in the public schools, and I’m old…” Note the nervous laughter by the audience. Also, I was sitting in the front row, and Rob Krupicka looked surprised and taken aback by Garvey’s remarks.

    Anyway, a bit earlier today, the Libby Garvey campaign sent out a fundraising email with their own video of this moment in the debate, and touting Libby’s criticism of Krupicka:

    Libby lays out exactly why she’ll be the effective senator we need in Richmond to stand up to “coded language” and other hallmarks of politics as usual. At the end, she even calls out Rob Krupicka for some coded language of his own!

    Perhaps this will be an effective fundraising email, I have no idea. One thing’s for sure, though — Garvey’s opponents don’t appreciate what she said in the least bit. For instance, the Krupicka campaign is responding, “Surprised to learn that @libbygarvey doesn’t think GLBT parents can have kids in public schools. Wow.”  In general, Krupicka’s folks appear stunned and angered by Garvey’s charge of implicit homophobia and ageism on his part.

    I was curious what Adam Ebbin thought, since Garvey specifically mentioned him as not being able to have children in the public schools since he’s gay, so I called him a few minutes ago. Ebbin’s on-the-record reaction was: 1) “Gays do have kids in the public schools; 2) “I have gay friends with kids in the public schools;” 3) “I don’t appreciate Libby speaking for me;” 4) “Let’s just say, Libby is not going to win any awards for diplomacy;” and 5) “I don’t think Rob has a homophobic bone in his body.” Given that Krupicka’s been a champion for GLBT rights in Alexandria, and that he “was the first straight member of the Virginia Partisans, a statewide LGBT advocacy organization,” I think that should go without saying.

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