Come See Wendell Potter Expose Health Insurance Industry Lies in Richmond on August 13


    We are excited to announce that we’ll be joined by a very special guest on August 13th at Virginia Organizing’s annual Grassroots Gathering in Richmond.

    Wendell Potter, the former CEO of a major health insurance company who turned into one of the leading advocates for health care reform, is our keynote speaker. Wendell’s story is dramatic, and his critique of corporate health insurance greed is worth driving to Richmond to hear. Many of you have probably heard the author of Deadly Spin speak before Congress or on network news, but this is your chance to hear him speak in person.

    We’re getting together in Richmond on Saturday, August 13 from 10:00 am-3:00 pm at the Gay Community Center in Richmond for our annual Grassroots Gathering.  

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    WHAT: Grassroots Gathering “Celebrate the Safety Net”

    WHO: Wendell Potter, Senior Fellow on Health Care at the Center for Media and Democracy

    WHEN: Saturday, August 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Workshops and trainings all day.

    Wendell Potter to speak at 2:00 p.m.


    Gay Community Center 1407 Sherwood Avenue

    Richmond , VA 23220

    We hope you can come celebrate with other Virginia Organizing supporters and hear Wendell Potter speak about the need to organize against corporate greed.

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    Born and raised in Mountain City and Kingsport, Wendell Potter is a Senior Fellow on Health Care at the Center for Media and Democracy, an independent non-partisan public interest organization.  

    After a 20-year career as a corporate public relations director, a visit to a Remote Area Medical clinic in Wise, Virginia changed his life.  Seeing hundreds of his former neighbors waiting overnight for desperately needed medical care, he decided to leave his position as head of communications for CIGNA, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, to speak out against the spin created by insurance companies to block meaningful health care reform.  A well-respected journalist and author of the book, “Deadly Spin”, he has become a leading critic of the health insurance industry, testifying before Congress and exposing strategies health insurance companies use to drop coverage and deny care in order to boost their profits.


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