NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Announces Endorsements in NOVA Races


    Following are the endorsements from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia in Northern Virginia races. In the 30th Senate District, NARAL’s endorsement went to Adam Ebbin. In the 31st Senate District and 49th House of Delegates districts, NARAL endorsed both candidates. I’m not sure I understand the rationale for endorsing both candidates in a two-person field; anyone have any thoughts about what this accomplishes, exactly? Anyway, I see this endorsement helping Jaime Areizaga-Soto more than Barbara Favola, since he’s the “new” candidate and can now say he’s got this important pro-choice group’s “thumbs up.” Same thing for Stephanie Clifford in the 49th (although whether she has any resources – aka, money – to communicate this endorsement to voters is a big question mark). In the 30th, this is a good endorsement for Adam Ebbin, and plays right into his argument that he’s the only one with a track record (in this case, 100% pro-choice) in Richmond.


    Endorsements highlight organization’s dedication to preserving women’s health advocates in the Virginia General Assembly

    (Alexandria, Va) – Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, announced that her organization’s political action committee proudly endorsed another group of outstanding pro-choice candidates in Northern Virginia primaries.

    Keene said the candidates were part of her organization’s plan to protect and elect pro-choice leaders in the state’s General Assembly this fall. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and its PAC will marshal its resources to protect pro-choice allies in Richmond, while electing even more pro-choice candidates to the House of Delegates and state Senate. In 2009, 58 percent of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia-backed candidates won their races.

    In the race for House District 49, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC issued a joint endorsement for pro-choice candidates Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez.

    In Senate District 31, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC issued a joint endorsement for pro-choice candidates Jaime Areizaga-Soto and Barbara Favola.


    “House 49 and Senate 31 are solidly pro-choice seats in the General Assembly,” said Keene. “I can say with confidence that our endorsed candidates for these two seats are staunch allies for reproductive choice and any will be a strong voice for women’s health in Richmond.”

    NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC also endorsed Delegate Adam Ebbin for state Senate in District 30.

    Keene stated, “Delegate Ebbin’s 100-percent pro-choice voting record for eight consecutive years in the House proves he has the experience and commitment to protect reproductive freedom for all Virginians. He will do the same as a state Senator for the 30th District.

    “Both of Delegate Ebbin’s 30th District primary opponents, Alexandria Councilman Rob Krupicka and Arlington School Board Member Libby Garvey, are 100-percent pro-choice allies as well, and we are confident if the voters send any of these three candidates to represent them in Richmond, their pro-choice values are in safe hands.”

    Keene noted that Virginia is in a pivotal battle this election cycle and that losing ground will be devastating for women’s health for years to come. Protecting and electing pro-choice voices and advocates in the Virginia General Assembly is absolutely crucial in this election cycle.


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