Polls are Closed: Results Thread


    Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss today’s primaries. I’ll start posting returns as soon as they start coming in. Also, you can follow the results at the Virginia State Board of Elections website. If you hear anything interesting, please post it in the comments section. Thanks!

    P.S. I just have to use this pun somewhere – will there be any political earthquakes today or just a natural one? 🙂

    UPDATE 7:24 pm: With 5 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s Krupicka 43%, Ebbin 36%, Garvey 18%. With 3 of 59 precincts reporting in the 31st, it’s Favola 61%, Areizaga-Soto 39%. Also, with 4 of 58 precincts reporting, Theo Stamos is up 76%-24% over David Deane for Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney.

    UPDATE 7:29 pm: With 12 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s now Krupicka 42.0%-Ebbin 36.7%-Garvey 21.3%. In the 31st, it’s Favola 63.2%-Areizaga-Soto 36.8% with 8 precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 7:38 pm: With 21 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s now Krupicka 40.5%-Ebbin 38.4%-Garvey 21.1%. Most of Alexandria, which is Krupicka’s strongest area, is already in. Hmmmm. As for the 31st, with 17 of 59 precincts in, Favola’s ahead 63%-37%. Not looking great for Jaime right now. 🙁  On a more positive note, Theo Stamos is cruising to victory, right now with an 82%-18% lead. Congratulations to Theo, I think we can call this one! 🙂

    UPDATE 7:43 pm: With 25 of 54 precincts counted in the 30th, Ebbin’s pulled ahead of Krupicka 41%-37%, with Garvey trailing significantly behind at 22%. In the 31st, Favola’s holding her large lead (62%-38%) with 20 precincts reporting. In the 49th HoD district, Alfonso Lopez is beating Stephanie Clifford by a 2:1 margin with about half the precincts reporting. I think we can call that one too – congratulations to Delegate-elect Alfonso Lopez!

    UPDATE 7:47 pm: On the Republican side, Dick Black is leading by a 52%-26%-21% margin in the 13th State Senate district, with 29 of 52 precincts reporting. Stirrup’s hope is to win big in PW County, whose results have just started coming in, but he’s got a lot of ground to make up on Black!

    UPDATE 8:04 pm: State Board of Elections site has been down for a while now. I sure hope they get this resolved soon!

    UPDATE 8:07 pm: SBE back up. With 30 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th, Ebbin’s leading 39.5%, with Krupicka at 35.1% and Garvey at 25.2%. Looking pretty good for Ebbin right now! As for the 31st, with 36 of 53 precincts reporting, and Jaime trailing 63%-37% (including losing badly in Loudoun and trailing in Fairfax, both of which he needed to win), I think it’s fair to call this one for Favola. Sigh…

    UPDATE 8:18 pm: On the Republican side, with 44 of 52 precincts reporting, Dick Black is winning handily over John Stirrup and Robert Fitzsimmonds (46%-30%-23%). And in the 36th Senate district, Jeff Frederick is utterly demolishing “The Builder,” 74%-26%. I guess that endorsement of Tito by powerhouse/kingmaker (not!) George Allen must have made all the difference. Hahahahahaha.

    UPDATE 8:25 pm: With all votes counted in the 90th HoD district, Del. Algie Howell easily beat back a primary challenge from Rick James, who was supported by the Virginia Education Association, the LCV, the Sierra Club, and the AFL-CIO among others.

    UPDATE 8:29 pm: Other Republican Senate results include Tommy Norment easily defeating Mark Frechette in the 3rd, Dick Black almost certainly winning in the 13th, Dave Nutter leading Tripp Godsey in the 21st, a tight race between 4 candidates in the 22nd, another tight race in the 37th (Flanary vs. Hunt), and what looks to be a fairly easy win by Miller Baker over Scott Martin in the 39th. On the House side, David Ramadan appears to have defeated Jo-Ann Chase in the 87th, and Randy Minchew has won the 10th over John Whitbeck and Cara Townsend.

    UPDATE 8:48 pm: With 37 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, Adam Ebbin is leading by 249 votes over Rob Krupicka (Libby Garvey trailing far behind). The problem for Rob is that his strongest area, Alexandria, is all counted. Also, Rob’s trailing Adam so far in Fairfax, which is his only hope to make up ground at this point. I’m getting close to calling this for Adam!

    UPDATE 8:54 pm: I’m hearing that Rob has called to concede the race to Adam. Congratulations Senator-elect Ebbin on his upset win!

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: Winners on the Senate Republican  side include Norment (3rd), Black (13th), Nutter (21st), most likely Garrett (22nd), Frederick (36th), most likely Flannery (37th), Baker (39th). Winners on the House Republican side include Minchew (10th), Webert (18th), Ramadan (87th), Hodges (98th), Ransone (99th).

    UPDATE 9:07 pm: With 21 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Chris “Random McCain-Palin Dude” Wade leading Democrat Janet Oleszek by 7 votes (1,422-1,415). Does Janet ALWAYS have to be in razor-tight races?!?

    UPDATE 9:30 pm: With 25 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Janet Oleszek by 19 votes (1,866-1,847) over McCain-Palin Dude. Go Janet!

    UPDATE 9:49 pm: With 26 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Janet Oleszek by 26 votes (1,894-1,868) over McCain-Palin Dude. Go Janet!

    UPDATE 9:53 pm: With ALL precincts counted in Braddock District, Janet Oleszek IS THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE! Psyched!!!


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