The Perils (e.g., getting “mooned”) of Live Weather Reporting in Virginia Beach


    At least a few Virginia Beach residents appear to be enjoying the hurricane! As you can see, The Weather Channel guy is NOT pleased, either specifically about getting mooned (not sure how aware he was of that as it happened) or more generally about the large number of people who are driving around in this dangerous storm. Clearly, he does not approve and thinks this kind of behavior is…well, less than smart, let’s just say. Or, maybe he’s just pissed that he got mooned on live TV?

    By the way, I love how the weather dude thinks it’s so dangerous to be out and about in the storm, yet he is out and about in the storm himself. I mean, no doubt, it’s intrepid reporting and all that (not!), but c’mon, we all know this is 100% about getting faux-“dramatic” footage and looking cool for The Weather Channel’s viewers. Lame.

    h/t: Boing Boing


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