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Think Progress Tells Us (Almost) Everything We Need to Know About Rick Perry


Think Progress does great work, and today is no exception. On the day that Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his run for president, Think Progress lays out exactly how bat**** crazy this guy is.

*He thinks Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional and “Ponzi schemes.”

*He is pro-secession.

*He hates the environment

*He is a vicious homophobic bigot

*He believes he is a prophet

*He merits at Top 10  list of why you shouldn’t support him (he allowed the execution of an innocent man and “impeded and investigation into the matter”; his state is the “country’s biggest polluter”; he is radically anti-choice; he “gutted childcare services even as Texas childhood poverty hit 25 percent”; his state has “the worst uninsured rate in the country”; etc., etc.)

As if that’s not all nightmarish enough, on foreign policy he’s described as a “hawk internationalist,” a “cowboy,” someone who actually wants HIGHER military budgets and apparently thinks we should NOT be trying to stay on good terms with Russia and China. The guy, in short, is an utter menace, whether on domestic or foreign policy. If he’s the nominee, I frankly don’t care whether you are completely (or at all!) enthusiastic about Barack Obama or not; the future of our country will depend on defeating this extremist. Case closed.

P.S. Oh, and according to Public Policy Polling, Perry is NOT popular in Texas, where he’s got a minus 9 (43%-52%) approval/disapproval rating. Also, just 33% of Texans think Perry should run for president, versus 59% who don’t think he should. Last but not least, if Rick Perry is the Republican nominee, he’s actually TRAILING Barack Obama, 47%-45%, in Texas!!! LOL — go Perry! 🙂


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