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A Great Woman Who Gets It


Courtney Lynch is my pick to run against George Allen for Webb’s seat. This woman is one of a kind and, as a young female professional, I can say that I personally admire not only her presence and talent as a speaker, but also her perseverance, drive, motivation and sincere passion for leadership in everything she does.

You have got to see her speak. My first acquaintance with Courtney was when I heard her speak on leadership and national affairs back in 2007 – as a business intern the summer before I graduated from college – and have been lucky enough to hear her multiple times since (I try to attend at least one of her seminars or talks a year). I’ve also been following her ever since. I really believe she’ll be the first woman President, but right now I’m excited to see her in a Senate race.

I understand that Tim Kaine is a favorite son in Virginia. But it’s time for the torch to pass. I mean no disrespect to Kaine, but voters are crying out for a new type of leader. I can't be the only one who wants leaders who have lived outside of the political bubble – it seems to be a common demand in a time where it seems politicians ignore their constituents and have lost sight of those of us who aren't part of their exclusive circle of politicians and lobbyists. The demand, and the need, is for leaders who have recent firsthand experience where the rest of us live – the real world and the business sector. Courtney’s got that — and get's that. Our nation’s most prominent companies have sought her expertise as a consultant.

In Virginia we also need someone who understands veterans. Courtney is one. (She’s also been a military spouse- her husband is a Navy veteran-military families face so many challenges.) And, with the aging of our state we need a leader who will advocate for seniors. Courtney tells the story of taking care of her “Nana” in her book – “Leading from the Front”. Clearly she understands the challenges of aging in America.

Virginians will be paying attention in 2012. The contest at the top of the ticket is going to bring many to the polls—especially if McDonnell gets a VP nod. Democrats in Virginia will fare well if they have the courage to support a new kind of leader. Pay attention to Courtney Lynch. She’s the real deal and she gets it.


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