Bob Marshall is running scared


    A conservative blog posted Bob Marshall’s latest fundraising letter and it shows that he is aware of the fight he is in.

    If I lose in November (11th term) or don’t win convincingly, I will be a poster boy for “moderate” Democrats against conservative Republicans everywhere because in 2009 I sent my constitutional research to conservative state legislators across the nation-a number of whom introduced similar bills in their own states…

    I hope I can count on you because every Virginian has benefitted from the “Health Care Freedom Act.” I want to continue to introduce legislation to set up state challenges on “Cap & Trade,” “Agenda 21″ and other federal attempts to force states to comply with unconstitutional mandates.

    This is what we are running against, a radical conservative who stands for nothing other than working against the federal government.

    That is not being a leader. That’s being an obstructionist.

    Real leadership requires building coalitions to accomplish great things, like making Virginia’s public schools the best in the world or putting Virginians back to work.

    But that’s not what Bob offers. And what Bob offers certainly does not represent the best interest of the new 13th District.

    But as Bob points out, he’s not just interested in promoting this agenda here. He’s spreading it across the nation.

    This is what we are fighting against. We are not just fighting against a man who pushes legislation that is hateful toward the LGBT community and women. We are not just fighting against TEA Party extremism locally. We are fighting against a radical TEA Party agenda that seeks to dismantle any progress that we’ve made.

    We are in the position to defeat this man in November. And we can do it. But we need your help. Your donation of money or time is necessary for us to win in November.

    Together, we will put a stop to this radical extremism in Virginia and the nation.

    John Devine

    Campaign Manager

    Genthner for Delegate

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