Charles Koch Compares Obama to Saddam, Advocates “Mother of All Wars” Against Him


    More violent rhetoric from the lunatic fringe, in this case Tea Party financier Charles Koch, against Barack Obama and the Democrats. What else is new from these people, right? Anyway, this is what we’re dealing with right now, and heading into 2012.

    In a dire situation like this, with Teapublican extremists on one side and imperfect but sane Democrats on the other, I’ll opt for the latter every time. And, frankly, I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters how frustrated any liberals, leftists (e.g., check out this utter idiocy), progressives, Democrats, independents, etc. are with President Obama (although he’s actually accomplished a great deal with a HORRIBLE hand dealt to him at the outset, and given the monomaniacal Teapublican opposition to him from Day #1 in Congress).

    The fact is, the political choice is binary in this country, realistically speaking: it’s either Obama and the Democrats on the one hand; or Charles Koch, Eric Can’tor, and the rest of the right-wing extremists on the other hand. What’s at stake here? Only our country, our freedoms, our futures.  Your choices are also binary: fight or acquiesce. For my part, I’m fighting. Anyone with me? Or would you prefer to acquiesce to Charles Koch and Company, as they compare President Obama to Saddam Hussein and declare “the mother of all wars” against him? I know where I stand, and it’s not even a tough question.

    P.S. If you’re an environmentalist, as I am, who is frustrated/angry right now (as I am) over the Keystone pipeline and postponed smog regulations, I’d simply point out that in Charles Koch/Rick Perry America, the environment will be a smoldering ash heap. Any further questions?


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