Mitchell Picks Up Key Endorsements, Focuses on Jobs and the Economy


    Senators Highlight Stark Differences Between Candidates 
in Fight for 13th District

    Ashburn, VA – Today, Shawn Mitchell, combat veteran and candidate for the newly-created 13th State Senate district, earned the endorsements of the Chair of the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus Mary Margaret Whipple and Senator Louise Lucas at Mitchell’s small business in Ashburn.

    In his remarks today, Mitchell highlighted the hardships Virginians are facing. “Our district, and indeed this state, faces many difficult challenges right now, and the next General Assembly will be confronted with the task of finding practical and innovative solutions to address these pressing concerns.” Mitchell continued, “As a life-long Virginian, I’m proud to call this state my home, but like the small business owners, teachers and nurses I talk to each and every day, I’m worried about having a leader who will tackle these challenges head-on.”

    “I started my business in the middle of one of the worst economies we’ve ever seen. I understand how to build a successful organization, create jobs locally and look at the good, bad and ugly of a profit and loss statement to make important decisions for my business. We need that type of business mentality in the State Senate as we look at more budget deficits in our immediate future.”

    In endorsing Shawn Mitchell, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple remarked about Mitchell’s strong credentials to become a State Senator. “I have no doubt that [Shawn’s] strong business background, decorated military service and fresh perspective will be an asset to this new district.”

    Senators Whipple and Lucas rejected the notion that Dick Black should get another chance in Richmond. “Let’s be clear!” Whipple said, “No one wants Dick Black back in Richmond.”

    “Voters in this election have a clear choice: to elect a mature business owner who is invested in his community or a carpet bagging politician who believes in one thing: causing trouble,” she added.

    Senator Louise Lucas added. “When Dick Black was in the House of Delegates, women were under attack by his extreme policies. And with him in the State Senate, we will be under attack again. Frankly, his complete disregard for women’s rights is a slap in the face to those of us standing here today.”

    “This man will say everything and do anything to get elected. We all know he’ll just continue to put divisive social and cultural issues ahead creating jobs and jump starting our economy. That’s why we need Shawn Mitchell in the State Senate.” ###


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