Monthly Challenge: Write a two-minute “Elevator Speech” about Renewable Energy


    Every activist needs this in their arsenal.  It’s timed to two minutes because that’s how much time you have with someone in an elevator.  For example, it’s the quick remarks you give to someone asking about the VA4Wind bumper sticker on your car.  It’s the comments you give when “New Business” comes up on your green meeting agenda. It’s the schpeel you give when chewing the fat with the shopper in line with you at the store.

    Send your two-minute Elevator Speech to Eileen by Sept. 30.  Entries will be placed in a drawing for a surprise VA4Wind prize pack!

    Here’s an great example from Susan Stillman, our terrific Membership Chair:

    “Electricity generated by off shore wind is so cool, I mean really cool.  It creates a new highly technical (read engineers) industry (read manufacturing) in Virginia where we already have the right skill set.  We even have the best port for deploying the manufactured turbines and monopoles.  Once manufactured and deployed these wind turbines need to be maintained (more jobs) and best of all the energy that makes the electricity is unlimited and the price of fuel is always $0.

    Off Virginia’s coast the turbines will not be visible from the shore without your binoculars.  They’ll be placed out of the bird flyways so as to do little harm.  You’ll have to take a boat out to see these very cool turbines.  In other countries off shore wind turbines are a tourist attraction.

    Speaking of tourist attractions, unlike drilling off our coast for oil and natural gas wind farms will attract tourists not drive them away after a spill.  There is just nothing to spill.”

    Only one other rule… entrants must “Like” the Virginia Chapter Sierra Club Facebook page! And look for our October challenge which will be related to “greening” transportation.  


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