Today I received an e-mail from Tom Perriello via the kaineforva website. Although it is a solicitation for contributions it is worded well and reminds me why I voted for Tom when he ran for office and the values he shares with Mr. Kaine and what is at stake in the senate race. I cannot afford to financially support any candidate but even if I did not support Tim Kaine before, Tom’s endorsement would be enough for me to do so.

    Dear Glenn,

    At this moment, when nothing is sacred in American politics, we need leaders with real values.

    When I was thinking about an uphill bid for Congress, almost everyone laughed me out of the room. One guy didn’t. He understood that leaders with convictions not only win elections. They change the debate. He too had felt called by faith to a career in community service, and those experiences led him to public service. That person was Tim Kaine, and even as the Governor he took time to help a long-shot who was willing to fight for the working and middle class.

    That man could become our next Senator, a solid champion for Social Security, economic fairness, and sustainability. Or that seat could be reclaimed by George Allen, and quite possibly delivering the Senate and the legislative branch to special interest groups and tea party.

    Just think about those options. And decide to make a choice. This race could come right down to the wire, and your help today could make the difference.

    For Tim, this campaign is not abstract. It is about every kid he has met around Virginia having access to good teachers and higher education. It is about seniors struggling with medical and electric bills having the dignity of a secure retirement. It is about every American being protected from the forces of hatred and division that aim to make some feel like they do not belong. For Tim, it is about manufacturing workers who have been laid off having a shot at the energy jobs of tomorrow. Where do you think a Sen. Allen would come down on these things? What would a Senate that’s run by the tea party do?

    Tim and his family were supposed to be done with the campaign trail. They sacrificed a great deal because they knew how high the stakes were. I hope that you will be able to match that with a small sacrifice today. The polls are dead even, and shadowy groups — like Karl Rove’s organization that accepts limitless, anonymous contributions — are lined up on the other side. Tim stood by me when few would, and I ask you to return the favor and make a contribution today.

    Please contribute today, before the September 30th fundraising deadline, so Tim has the resources to get his message out.

    Thanks so much for your support

    Tom Perriello

    Former Congressman from Virginia’s 5th Congressional District



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