VIDEO: Labor Day Message from Jack Dobbyn


    I am Jack Dobbyn, the Democratic nominee that is challenging Dave Albo to represent southern Fairfax County in the 42nd House District. I was proud to address working families from Northern Virginia today at this year’s AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic.

    Labor Day goes beyond kicking back and grilling out for me, it is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the hard-fought rights won by workers: workplace safety, the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, and of course, weekends. Watch a short video of my speech and local workers speaking out for their rights!

    For my entire life, the fight for the American middle class has been close to my heart. In law school, I filed an unfair labor practice charge against Wal-Mart for their no-solicitation policy and their union-busting tactics. Last month, I joined members of CWA Local 2222 on strike against Verizon.  These workers were only looking to preserve their hard-fought right to collectively bargain and a fair resolution that allowed for reasonable sacrifices from both sides.

    Northern Virginia’s success has always been predicated on the ability for businesses to thrive and for workers to receive quality, good paying jobs. My candidacy is staked on the fierce belief that business, workers and consumers must work together so Northern Virginia remains the commonwealth’s economic engine.  All sides must come together, and as an electorate we must beat back empty rhetoric from politicians like Dave Albo that seek to divide us for their own gain.

    As we close out this Labor Day weekend, I will never forget why we have the day off, and as we mark the traditional start of the campaign season, here are three things you can do to join the cause:

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    3) Volunteer. This campaign will be won on the ground – come out to our office at 5618 Ox Road, Suite G to pick up a walk packet, or fill out this form to sign up to phone from home.

    With your help, we will have another true advocate for Virginia’s middle class in the House of Delegates.


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