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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 27.

*Kaine parts with Obama on capital gains hikes

*George Allen, Tim Kaine even in college poll

*Va. gov.: Cut Perry slack on dismal ’12 GOP debate (Bob McDonnell is really THIS desperate to be Vice President? Yes he is!)

*Deadly month for Richmond

*ACLU lawsuit takes aim at Va. board’s prayers

*Williams column: Praise rolls in for The Tide in Norfolk

*Loudoun, Fairfax remain top two wealthiest counties in America

*Virginia regulators to consider continuing ban on dredging crabs during winter

*D.C. has worst congestion, study finds (Combine out-of-control sprawl with lack of spending on infrastructure, certainly here in Virginia, and that’s what you get).

*Democrats, Republican Candidates Seek Support of Arab Americans (The lede is flat-out false; in fact, most Republicans running for Virginia’s House and Senate skipped this forum, as did many running for Fairfax Board of Supervisors. Why is the media so wrong all the time? This is just factual, not even interpretive. Ugh.)

*Virginia’s ‘deep poverty’ rate up 20 percent since ’07 (What’s Bob McDonnell doing about this? Oh yeah, of course – making it worse.)

*Rep. Scott: Proposed cuts in federal budget will hit Hampton Roads

*Cameras in Chesapeake snap up red-light offenders

*McDonnell family effort misguided, Va. Dems say

*Washington falters at end, falls


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