Well, isn’t this sweet??


    Here’s part of a heart-warming story from the WashPost:


    The American Red Cross has partnered with First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Prince William County to provide another week of shelter to local flood victims.

    The church will serve as a shelter until Sept. 23, county officials said. The makeshift shelter currently at the Dale City Recreation Center is scheduled to close at 5 p.m. today.

    . . .

    “The American Red Cross has been a great partner with Prince William County and we are thankful for First Mount Zion Baptist Church for offering to help,” Prince William Board Chairman Corey A. Stewart said. “When a disaster like this strikes, it truly requires the entire community to step up and offer assistance.”

    Of course, the Post left out the most important part of this story.  You know, the part about how Corey Stewart threw these flood victims out of a county shelter last week, leaving them with nowhere to go.

    Let’s hope the good folks of PWC are finally fed up with a decade or so of Stewart.


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