Day 1: When Will Dick Black Release His Extreme Virginia Citizens Defense League Survey


    VCDL Supports Guns in Schools, Bars and Libraries and wants to gut Virginia’s background check system

    Ashburn, VA – Last night in a joint forum in the Heritage Hunt community of Prince William County, small businessman Shawn Mitchell challenged career politician Dick Black to release his answers to the extreme Virginia Citizens Defense League survey on guns. Delegate Dick Black received the VCDL endorsement earlier this year.

    The VCDL is far to the right of the National Rifle Association and is well known for their opposition to all gun laws including restriction on guns in schools and colleges. They want to eliminate the background check system run by the Virginia State Police and allow people to carry concealed weapons without the current permit requirement that includes a background check and modest training requirement. VCDL members are infamous for carrying guns into the state capitol in Richmond during their lobby day and are completely out of step with the tradition of responsible gun ownership shared by most voters in the Old Dominion.

    Dick Black should immediately release his VCDL survey so that the citizens of the 13th Senate District will know where he stands on these important public safety issues.

    “There are 18 days left in this election, and voters deserve to know where career politician Dick Black stands on the extreme views of his supporters, the Virginia Citizens Defense League,” said Mitchell Campaign Manager Dominic Gabello. “Whether its guns in bars, schools, libraries or recreation centers, or gutting Virginia’s background check system, voters deserve to know where Dick Black really stands on this important public safety issue. He needs to release his questionnaire immediately.”

    Voters can read the blank VCDL survey and see how extreme their views are. You can find a copy of the survey at:


    Authorized by Shawn Mitchell for State Senate


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