Fariss Campaign Finance Report Belies His Claims


    Despite his claims that he is “not a politician,” the latest financial disclosure forms filed by 59th House of Delegates candidate Matt Fariss show that of the $145,713 he raised during the Sept. 1 – 30 filing period, $116,652 came from sources within or tied directly to the Republican Party.

    One entity, The Hopper Company, a Republican mail and media consulting company which is located in Tennessee donated $91,100 in in-kind donations for his mailings, and another $25,552 came directly from Republican candidates or their PACS. His grassroots support was 25 donors contributing $2,200 in donations of less than $100 each.

    “Mr. Fariss loudly proclaims in his mail propaganda, ‘I’m not a politician’ “, said Benjamin Carpenter, field director of Fariss’ opponent Connie Brennan. “Matt Fariss, Bill Howell and the Republican Party of Virginia are putting forth great effort to bamboozle the electorate into believing that Matt Fariss is a family man with job creating experience, when he is really nothing more than a Republican

    political operative with a criminal history.”

    “It’s interesting that the RPV supports Fariss with such vigor, when in Henrico County they have lambasted Republican Commonwealth Attorney Candidate Matthew Geary for admitting he had an extramarital affair,” said Carpenter.

    “We can surmise from these facts that having an extramarital affair is far worse than Matt Fariss endangering the lives of the citizens of the 59th by his irresponsible behavior while driving drunk, shooting from a vehicle, illegally carrying concealed weapons and having an Emergency Protective order issued against him. Furthermore, Fariss showed complete disregard for the safety of his workers and contractors as evidenced by the June 2011 jury award of $500,000 to a man who was seriously injured at the Lynchburg Livestock Market, a business in which Mr. Fariss is a partner.  These convictions and behaviors show an incredibly irresponsible man,” Carpenter said.

    “Mr. Fariss has no interest in representing the best interests of the citizens of the 59th,” said Carpenter, adding, “He has shown exactly where his allegiance lies…to the powerful and privileged who care nothing about the hard-working citizens of the 59th District.”

    Authorized by Brennan for Delegate, not authorized by any other candidate or committee.


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