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Koch-Funded Study Confirms Climate Change; Flip-Floppin’ Mitt Goes the Other Way


This one’s almost beyond parody: a study funded by the Koch brothers, of all people, overwhelmingly confirms the findings of climate scientists with regard to global warming, yet flip-flopping/pandering/no-principles Mitt Romney heads the other direction, into climate science denial and away from his lengthy pro-clean-energy (“As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney created a fund to invest in green energy, said alternative energy could generate jobs and approved bills allowing cities to build fields of solar panels.”), pro-climate-action record.

In other words, even as the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is stronger than ever, and even as “skeptics” are forced to agree that this is true, Mitt Romney is backpedaling on his previous bouts of sanity in a pathetic pander to the teahadiest of the teahadists. My question for Republicans is simple: how can you support a guy who has absolutely no core convictions, who will literally say anything, on any given day or at any given minute, to please whatever audience he’s speaking to?

UPDATE: The only semi-sane (and therefore going absolutely nowhere) Republican’t presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, says that Mitt Romney is a “perfectly lubricated weather vane on the important issues of the day.” That is indisputably true, yet a plurality (albeit a relatively small one for a front-runner) of Republican voters don’t seem to care. It’s deeply weird.


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