New Ad: Love Cuccinelli and the Tea Party? Vote for Virginia Republicans!


    So, let’s get this straight. If you lovelovelove the Tea Party (wildly unpopular in the polls, last I checked) Ken Cuccinelli (persecutor of scientists, nasty homophobe, 100% anti-choicer, strongly anti-environment, constitutional and religious fundamentalist, tool of corporate interests, etc.), then you should totally vote for Virginia Republicans on November 8! Also, if you hate the core Republican concept of the individual mandate (conservatives’ idea) and “Obamacare” (aka, almost exactly the same as the Republicans’ 1993 alternative to “Hillarycare,” not as progressives as “Romneycare” in some ways) and in-state tuition for the children of undocumented immigrants (signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, supported in the past by Republicans John McCain, Jon Kyl, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Dick Lugar, Chuck Hagel, etc; also note that President/St. Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping amnesty bill into law), then once again, you should like TOTALLY vote for Virginia Republicans on November 8. Are you convinced yet? I know I am. Go Dick Black! Onward Jeff Frederick! I have finally seen the light! Praise Ayn Rand! (snark)

    P.S. Pleasepleaseplease Tea Party, run this ad around the clock in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax. It’s great – no really! 😉

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