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Virginia News Headlines: Columbus Day 2011


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Columbus Day 2011. Today, we celebrate the re-re-re-re(?) discovery of America, for at least the second time by Europeans and third, fourth or fifth (or more?) time by humans in general. Oh, and we go shopping. Or something.

*Why more cuts when Va. revenues have been growing? (and when there’s supposedly a “surplus” — oh wait, there really isn’t?!?)

*Independent Brown takes on Senate veteran Marsh

*Editorial: Virginia’s transportation death spiral (“Shrinking gas tax revenues, rising traffic congestion and aging roads created an inevitable pileup.”)

*Kennedy: Florida snipes at Virginia’s launch market competition

*Governor calls for new study on commuter patterns (Just what we need, another study — but no money to do anything. Brilliant, Bob!)

*Fairfax’s wealthy are moving on up – and out

*In Virginia, fall fire season starts Saturday, runs through November

*Virginia adding 5 historic markers, including 1 honoring Fort Monroe Union officer

*Arlington food bank sees record demand

*Virginia Tech rises to No. 19 in AP college football poll

*Virginia Beach Neptune Festival will keep its $3 viewing fee

*Leaves are turning colors for the fall

P.S. Check out the video by Rick Perry’s campaign demolishing Flippin’ Mitt Romney for supporting the same type of health care system – a pretty good one, by the way – in Massachusetts as President Obama and the Democrats supported nationally (also a pretty good one, although would have been a LOT better with a robust public option and/or single payer). I was wondering how long it would take Perry and other Republican’t 2012 candidates to really go after formerly liberal/now “conservative” Republican (if you believe that one…) Mittens Romney. This should be fun to watch!


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