With Just 2 Weekends to Go, Bill Clinton Fires Up Virginia Democrats!


    This evening, Bill Clinton was busy doing what he does best — firing up Democrats for an important election. In this case, Clinton was at his friend Terry McAuliffe’s house, speaking to Virginia Democrats and helping raise some serious $$$ to help us hold the State Senate and hopefully win a few House of Delegates seats as well. I’ll post more photos if/when I see some good ones. This one’s by Ashley, wife of superb Democratic candidate Shawn Mitchell  — thanks, and go Shawn (running against the bat**** crazy right-wingnut and raging homophobe Dick Black)!

    UPDATE: From Lis Smith’s Twitter account:

    *”@Terry_McAuliffe announces that his event raised over $1 mil for VA Sen Dems.”

    *”@Terry_McAuliffe on President Clinton’s record: ‘Dont ever let anyone tell you Democrats aren’t for fiscal responsibility.'”

    *”Clinton on @Terry_McAuliffe (aftr rousing intro): ‘It’s always so hard being with Terry. He’s so repressed.'”

    *”President Clinton going after R’s voter suppression efforts: ‘power is the motivation.'”

    *”President Clinton: ‘One of the best selling points for Democrats is that we still believe in arithmetic.'”

    Also, Catherine S. Read reports that Clinton “[d]elivered a wonderful speech about the future of this country and how we fit into a 21st century global economy.”

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