Announcing our first Turkey of the Year Award


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    Today, in recognition of his perilous policies and monstrous mismanagement, ProgressVA awarded Governor Bob McDonnell our first annual “Turkey of the Year” Award. To commemorate the occasion, we delivered a turkey to the Governor’s office in Richmond this morning.

    There are a multitude of reasons McDonnell deserves this award this year.  Our resolution conferring upon him this honor reads, in part,

    “Whereas, as Governor, McDonnell has cut millions of dollars from education, public safety, and social service programs, and…Whereas, Governor McDonnell insisted on closing Virginia’s budget deficit through a cuts-only approach that ignores closing tax loopholes that benefit his corporate donors, and Whereas, approximately 64% of Virginia corporations pay no corporate income tax while middle class families pay their fair share and Governor McDonnell has proposed no remedy.”

    These, of course, are only a partial list Governor McDonnell’s transgressions. So, we want to hear from you. Tell us: why is Bob McDonnell your “Turkey of the Year”?

    Is it his support for the nation’s most restrictive abortion clinic regulations? His support for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s multiple lawsuits against the federal government? Perhaps you’re most offended by the hundreds of thousands of dollars McDonnell has taken from Virginia’s worst polluters. Or maybe, like us, you’re infuriated by the draconian cuts McDonnell has enacted on education, public safety, and social services programs while refusing to raise revenue.

    Its time to sound off. Pop over to our website and let us know why Bob McDonnell your “Turkey of the Year”.


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