Home National Politics Did You Have a Mitt Romney Thanksgiving?

Did You Have a Mitt Romney Thanksgiving?


The fun thing about a Mitt Romney Thanksgiving is that, as with everything else he says or does, he’ll oppose supportoppose support it several times before the meal ends. For instance, Mitt might start off the meal saying that he strongly prefers white meat, and how dark meat is evil, but halfway through the meal he’ll completely flip flop to the view that white meat’s actually evil and dark meat’s actually all that’s good and holy in this world. Same thing with cranberry sauce – whole or smooth, good or evil?  Same thing with jello – red or green, right or wrong? And so forth, yada yada yada. Zzzzzzz. On second thought, Thanksgiving with Mitt’s not really so fun at all. Can you imagine what four years of this guy would be like?!?  Ugh.


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