My reply to Brian Moran


    I assume that most of you received the same mealy-mouthed, “we fought the good fight” email from DPVA Chair Brian Moran in which he talked about how we need to work really, really hard to lobby for private colleges — OOOOPPPSSSS  — meant to say “about how we need to work really, really heard to elect Democrats next time.”

    I replied to the email, knowing, of course, that neither he nor anyone else at DPVA will see my response.  

    My reply:

    Mr. Moran:

    Thank you for your letter.  However, speaking as a life-long Democrat, I feel it’s time for a new chairman of the DPVA.  You presided over a disaster made worse by the DPVA failure to contest every House of Delegates and Senate seat.  We weren’t beaten.  We surrendered.

    Please do the honorable thing and resign.


    (Name deleted for privacy)

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