Tom Perriello: “It’s game time” in Virginia!


    Tom Perriello just emailed me and requested that I post this. I am happy to do that for this superb Democrat (and friend)!

    It’s game time, and I am not talking about LSU-Bama. We are just days away from another pivotal election, but pundits and reporters are noting a lack of enthusiasm. They’re right, and that’s just plain wrong.

    In the past few months, I’ve been doing events with amazing candidates around the state, and I sense that the low energy is finally shifting into deep urgency as progressives and moderates alike shudder at what would happen to our Commonwealth if Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party friends are handed complete reign over Richmond.

    But I still hear some folks asking me “what’s the point?”, often citing a disastrous bill that snuck through the State Senate, effectively shutting down access for many Virginia women to the health care they need. If that is what this Senate gives us, they ask, then why is it worth saving? The answer could not be more clear – without Democratic control of the Virginia Senate, that is the kind of disaster we would see every single day the legislature is in session. That procedural mistake, while horrendous, was just a glimpse of what could happen as our great Commonwealth races to the bottom, with Alabama’s attack on immigrants and the churches that help them, Wisconsin’s attacks on educators and first responders, Mississippi’s attack on women’s health, and North Carolina’s assault on the right to vote.

    If you want Virginia to look like some dystopian collage of the worst hits from red states across the nation, then stay home. Or forget all the negativity, tivo the football games and spend the weekend knocking doors. There are close races in every corner of the state, so you are not far from a volunteer center that can put you to work. Click here to find a place near you to help out in key Senate races around the Commonwealth.

    Democrats only have a small margin in the Senate, and these races are going to be close, so any time you can give will make a huge difference.

    Thanks so much for your support!

    Tom Perriello

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