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Video: Yet Another Arlington County Board Candidate Throws Her Hat in the Ring


Yet another candidate, self-described “health care advocate, first responder, community volunteer, and political activist” Kim Klingler, throws her hat in the ring for the Arlington County Board seat being vacated by Barbara Favola, who is moving on to the State Senate in January 2012. The field’s certainly getting crowded, with Libby Garvey’s announcement yesterday, and with last week’s announcements by Melissa Bondi and Terron Sims.

In addition, Arlington Planning Commission member Peter Fallon; NAACP Arlington Chapter President Elmer Lowe; and who knows who else — appear to be running as well. The caucus is scheduled for the first week of February, with candidates announcing at the next Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting in early December. This should certainly be interesting to watch; I’ll be looking at the criteria listed here in making my own, personal decision of who to support. How about you? What qualities are you looking for in your next Arlington County Board member?

UPDATE: I’ve now had a chance to thoroughly review her website, and to watch her video all the way through. My findings? The website’s basically a disaster, filled with grammatical errors, really bad prose, broken links, bizarre stock photos that have nothing to do with the subject matter, no substance whatsoever, simply not ready for prime time. What’s weird is that the candidates here all had many months to prepare, as it was generally assumed that Barbara Favola would win her election and that there would be a vacancy on the Arlington County Board. Why put up a website that looks like it’s been (barely) slapped together in a few hours?  As for the video, I just can’t get past the weird hand gestures, totally disconnected from the content of what is being said. Finally, no endorsements whatsoever, grassroots or otherwise? Hmmm. All in all, this just isn’t a serious campaign launch. Cross one candidate off my list.


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