Villanueva Misrepresents Adrianne Bennett’s Position on Transportation


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    Not only did hopefully outgoing Delegate Ron Villanueva ditch the Lynnhaven River NOW forum without notice, he then tried to tell voters through a mailing that Adrianne Bennett wants to “double” the gas tax to pay for unfunded transportation projects.

    If Villanueva had bothered to show up, he would have known that he wasn’t telling the truth in his mailing.

    Voters in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake deserve to know the truth, not only about Villanueva’s record of supporting legislation cutting education, and criminalizing the medical choices of women; but also where Adrianne Bennett stands on these issues, and more, including transportation.

    To find out where Adrianne Bennett really stands on the issues, visit her website by clicking here.

    You can also watch the video the forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of South Hampton Roads, and hear about the issues directly from the candidates.

    Remember to VOTE on November 8th!

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