Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse


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    I originally posted a somewhat shorter version of the below message on my Facebook wall earlier today – but after a little encouragement, I’ve decided to post it here.

    I was taken aback by the number of my Virginia Democratic friends who were posting how excited they were by the apparent, forth-coming announcement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor and how he is the candidate we want to run against.

    Well I say…HOLD YOUR HORSES.

    We’ve poured tens of thousands of dollars (well Steve Shannon spent more than $3.5 million trying to beat him in 2009) in the past, exposing his craziness, yet he kept beating us and rising up through the ranks.

    And with the current state of the Republican base (read: all f’ing crazy) – Ken and his extreme views will excite them like no other.

    So as we gear up for 2012, we ALL need to keep an eye on 2013. We can’t go into 2013 thinking we’re going to win because we’re going against Ken. We need to go into these elections with the determination to work harder and smarter and get back to pouring in the effort to we know it takes (think 2005-2008) to win – recruiting more committee members and volunteers to knocking on more doors and making more phone calls.


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