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Media Matters Demolishes Kaplan Post Coverage of Solyndra Non-“Scandal”


Media Matters does a great job as usual, this time demolishing the Washington Kaplan Post’s coverage of the Solyndra non-“scandal” (for more on that subject, see here and also check out the video by Mike Casey of Tigercomm). A few points by Media Matters:

*The Post’s ombudsman laughably the paper’s reporting on this story “showed that the Post produces journalism that is ‘hard-hitting regardless of who is in power.'”  

*In fact, the Post’s coverage was over the top and wildly biased. For instance, “The Post has published 43 articles related to Solyndra since August 31, not including opinion pieces” vs. just “15 articles related to the Keystone XL pipeline in the same period.”

*More wild bias: “Twenty-six of the Post articles mentioned that Obama fundraiser George Kaiser is tied to investment funds that owned a large percentage of Solyndra,” while “Only one article noted that before Obama took office and before his stimulus law existed, the Bush administration chose Solyndra ‘as one of 16 finalists’ for a loan guarantee.”

*”Three of the 43 articles have been updated with corrections.”

*Only “Three of the articles mentioned climate change or global warming.”

*”Attention given to Solyndra dwarfed coverage of other notable stories.”

*In the end, “after 43 articles, they have yet to turn up evidence that the Solyndra loan guarantee was anything other than a well-intentioned investment gone bad.”

Other than that, it was a superb job by the Washington Kaplan Post. Pat yourselves on the backs, Post boys and girls, you guys rawk!!!


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