Video: Thinking Camera’s Off, George Allen Whines About How “Torturous” It Is to Speak to Voters


    Yesterday evening, George Allen held an online townhall meeting via Facebook. At the peak of the event, only 35 people were watching, many of whom were probably Felix Macacawitz’s political staffers, and by the end there a lot fewer. So, it’s fair to say that almost nobody was watching as Allen, who thought the camera was turned off, complained about how “uh, god, torturous” the experience of speaking to voters was. Allen also jokes about “reindeers” and “elves in the servers,” sarcastically says “let’s do this tomorrow!,” comments about the “great spontaneity” (“TAKE THREE!”), and asks “what do you reckon it was for me?” in response to a comment about how “nervewracking” the experience was.

    So George, if it’s so painful for you to speak to Virginia voters, if you hate campaigning so much (just like you hated being in the U.S. Senate), why on earth are you running? It’s not like anybody’s forcing you to do this, right? If you want to just drop out now, and go back to full-time shilling (for boatloads of cash) for the dirty energy industry, that’s fine with us. Just a friendly suggestion. 🙂

    UPDATE: The Allen campaign’s excuse? “[A]ctually he was frustrated b/c staff couldn’t confirm if technical difficulties w/ FB townhall prevented people from viewing.” Uh huh.


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