Video: Republican Candidates Not Extreme Enough for Kookinelli


    To summarize Ken Cuccinelli’s comments on Faux “News” this morning:

    1. Newt Gingrich did not give Cuccinelli confidence that, given Newt’s many non-conservative positions over the years, he would be a real, “small government conservative” as president. Instead, Cuccinelli fears that Newt could end up being another “compassionate conservative”/”big government conservative.” Like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, in other words, both of whom grew government tremendously.

    2. According to Cuccinelli, if Gingrich can reassure “small government conservatives” that he’s really one of them, he could “close the deal”  in Iowa.

    3. Cuccinelli states correctly that here’s almost no difference between “Romneycare” and “Obamacare,” and that this is a major problem for grassroots conservatives. According to Cuccinelli, Romney’s (non)answer on that question hurt him.

    4. Rick Perry was wrong in saying he can repeal a law, passed by Congress and signed by the President, with an executive order (I’d add that what Perry’s saying is a wild violation of the Constitution, the framers’ intent, “first principles,” etc., and this should outrage Cuccinelli). Still, Cuccinelli inexplicably thought Perry had a strong debate last night. Standards for these things are not the highest, as you can see.

    5. According to Cuccinelli, Newt Gingrich hasn’t answered the question about why he appeared with Nancy Pelosi on climate change. According to Cuccinelli, Gingrich “mushed up” the issue, but the bottom line is that “You never get…arm in arm with Nancy Pelosi on an environmental issue unless you have some level of agreement.” Which is correct, actually: Gingrich largely agreed with John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and the 99% of climate scientists who know that the anthropogenic global warming is real and a major, urgent problem we need to deal with.

    6. Who best represents Cuccinelli’s “conservative values” (in quotes because Cuckoo’s a radical/extremist, not “conservative” in any traditional way)? “The Cooch” pined for Herman Cain and his (not) brilliant “999” plan. Brilliant, especially since Cain withdrew yesterday. Ha. Nobody else, in Cuccinelli’s view, has a truly “transformational proposal” like Can did.

    Bottom line: the Republican 2012 freak show continued last night, and also this morning as Ken Cuccinelli played Faux “News” “analyst.” Just remember, this guy seriously could be the next governor of Virginia. Shudddderrrrrrr…..


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