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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning (Christmas Day)


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, December 25. Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it, and happy holidays/long weekend to everyone else! (By the way, I’m not particularly a Justin Bieber fan, but I looked for a video of the great Stevie Wonder doing this song but wasn’t able to find one. Also, this video has the virtue of being sung to President Obama, who many of us are going to work very hard to reelect in next year.)

*COMMENTARY: A step toward more open government (By Del. Jim LeMunyon and Del. Mark Keam)

*Allen, Kaine fight already under way in Va.

*Should Amazon start paying state sales tax?

*Merry Christmas, Amazon.com! (“The hypocrisy of the McDonnells is that while they play free market and tight budget and stick it to the schools and retirees and Medicaid recipients, they have no trouble handing out goodies to big firms like Amazon, that have no trouble taking care of themselves.”)

*Gingrich camp assails Virginia’s “failed system” (No, Newt, YOU failed! Look in the mirror, dude.)

*Gingrich’s ‘disaster’: Failure to get on Va. primary ballot raises questions

*Missing 2-year-old found after double homicide in Virginia

*Expected budget shortfall could mean larger classes in Va. Beach

*Uranium could be a ‘marquee issue’ in the General Assembly

*Tea party activists prep for round 2 in Richmond

*Officer’s Widow: ‘I’m taking it one hour at a time’

*In convention biz, perks can drive business deals

*Redskins’ disturbing loss to Vikings obscures team’s recent progress


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