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Hey, America! The 1% Has A Brown Job For YOU!


Are you ready for a risky life of hard labor digging up dirty fuels the 1% can sell to make billions in profit? Get excited for the brown jobs revolution!

No, really. An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal calls for More Brown Jobs. Even though American oil use is declining and what’s being produced isn’t lowering the price of gas or home heating oil here – it’s just being sold overseas.

So get excited! From drilling for oil shale to fracking for methane gas to digging for uranium to building pipelines that bring Canadian tar sands to Chinese oil tankers, corporate polluters are eager to exploit the crushing economic crisis their Wall Street friends created to make unemployed workers think they have to sell out their children’s health to put food on the table now!

What’s that? Worried your community will be turned into an industrial wasteland? That you’ll be able to light your tap water on fire? That soon you too will be saying things like, “Just about anybody I talk to that’s a neighbor – and some of them are getting wealthy – are sick of it”?

Come on – corporate America wouldn’t lie to you! Right?


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