Missing Village Idiot, Islamophobic Bigot(s) Off Virginia Ballot


    ABC News reports, “A federal appeals court in Virginia today denied an emergency request by Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and other Republican presidential hopefuls who failed to qualify for the Virginia primary to be placed on the ballot.” What a shame to lose the Missing Village Idiot (Rick Perry, possibly THE stupidest person – and one of the nastiest, most extreme, etc. – ever to run for president in this country) and his fellow Islamophobic bigot (Newt Gingrich) from the Virginia Republican’t primary ballot. If you can possibly stand it, the video of Newt demonstrating his ignorance and bigotry is on the “flip.” I’d say “enjoy,” but there’s nothing enjoyable about any of this.

    P.S. Newt’s also doubling down on his borderline racist “food stamp president” comment.

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