Rats! Cuccinelli Continues to Waste Taxpayers’ Time and Money on Utter Nonsense


    It’s hard to keep up with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s latest waste of taxpayers’ time and money. Whether it’s his crusade against the individual mandate (a conservative idea proposed by national Republicans in 1993/94 and also adopted as part of “Romneycare,” I’d remind everyone); his Grand Inquisitor-style assault against climate scientists like Michael Mann; or his ongoing anti-GLBT bigotry, it’s never a dull moment with good ol’ Kenny boy.

    The latest example of Cuccinelli’s wild goose (or should we say “wild rat”?) chases? That would be his absurd, nonsensical, embarrassing crusade against the non-existent problem of DC rodents marauding their way across the Potomac River and terrifying the fine, upstanding, but (according to Ken “Rat Fink” Cuccinelli) rodent-phobic residents of the Old Dominion. The only problem with all of this is it’s completely full of rodent droppings. But don’t take my word for it; not that I’m a big fan of PolitiFact, but even they could figure out that Cuccinelli’s pants were “on fire” for this claim (which PolitiFact called “wrong and ridiculous”).

    By now, of course, any sane human being would have backed down, slunk away like a mortified rat perhaps, and certainly stopped flapping his gums about this subject. But not Ken Cuccinelli – oh no! Instead, we get even more embarrassing nonsense (not to mention more wasting of Virginia taxpayers’ time and money) from him. That’s right, now there’s going to be a freakin’ meeting “within the next three months among representatives from the District, Virginia, Maryland, and Congressman Wolf’s office” to discuss these “wrong and ridiculous,” “pants on fire” false charges by Virginia’s #1 embarrassment, Ken Cuccinelli. A fine use of these peoples’ time, no doubt, but seriously…who the he** voted for this imbecile?!?

    P.S. Oh, and let’s not forget – since the idiot corporate media sure seems to have – that in his original tirade, Cuccinelli compared “illegal immigrants” to rats.  


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