Rush Limbaugh Strongly Supported Recess Appointments…When Bush Did Them


    I love it, now that Democrats are in the White House, making recess appointments is “peeing on the constitution,” according to drug-addled bigot and corporate tool Rush Limbaugh (and many others of his ilk). But wait, when Republican’ts controlled the White House, not only were recess appointments the greatest thing since sliced Wonder Bread (Rush’s favorite food group, along with Twinkies and other crap that makes you obese?), but anyone who opposed those recess appointments was a “Stalinist.”  Got that? That’s the Republican’t Party line these days, apparently, so we might as well get used to spending some energy demolishing it.

    The fact is, this current false “outrage” is utter hypocrisy by a party famous for it. It’s just like how, when Reagan raised taxes a dozen times as president, while also racking up trillions in debt and growing government by leaps and bounds, it was hunky dorey for Republicans, who have pretty much sainted ol’ Ronnie. But when Democrats like Bill Clinton slashed the deficit, or when Democrats like Barack Obama cut taxes for 95% of Americans, they’re commie/pinkos/socialists/blahblahblah.  Or, when conservatives pushed the individual mandate and “cap and trade” as enhancing personal responsibility and harnessing the power of the free market, that was fine. But the second Democrats start to push those conservative ideas?Oh, then they’re EVIL!  Sensing a pattern here? Hmmmm…gee, ya think?


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