Tea Party Jesus Movie–Now Playing on Screen In Front of You!


    It’s up!  Go to teapartyjesus.org – or see below – to watch American Values Network’s tongue-in-cheek response to the “teavangelical” effort to brand the Tea Party as a Christian movement.  

    The video uses Tea Party quotes, signs, and policy positions to rewrite Jesus’ famous sermon, and lets Christians decide for themselves if the language and policies of their political leaders sound right coming from the mouth of their Lord and Savior.  

    Complete with appearances by Tea Party Jesus’ politicial Disciples and the Mitt the Apostate–who is cast out by Jesus at the begining of the movie but keeps trying to get back in and win acceptance–the movie has many a comic nod to the political insider.  It concludes with “real Jesus” sharing quotes from what he actually believed and stood for, which draw the contrasts all the more clearly.  

    Take a look and spread the word: teapartyjesus.org

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