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Top Romney Advisor Admits: GOP Will Not Repeal “Obamacare”; Judy Feder Has Fun With That One.


Former Senator and Willard “Mitt” Romney advisor Norm Coleman says, point blank, “We’re not going to repeal Obamacare.” Of course, that completely contradicts Willard that he’ll “repeal Obamacare” (a ridiculous notion, since only Congress can “repeal” a piece of existing legislation, unless we turn into a dictatorship). Coleman adds that “Obamacare” doesn’t work without the individual mandate, which is an interesting admission from the Teapublican side of the aisle.

Former 10th CD (Virginia) Democratic nominee and health care expert Judy Feder follows up with some interesting thoughts:

I think that the [Supreme] Court is going to find that the individual mandate is constitutional. In fact, only one appeal’s court has gone the other way…If it does go away, I think that there are challenges, it’s not the only way that the law can operate, there are other things, it’s not as good…but I’m betting on it sticking…I’m really interested to hear Sen. Coleman say that they’re not going to repeal, because they sure do say they’re going to repeal. And I think you’re right, they repeal at their peril. There are lots of [popular] things in this law…coverage of drug costs for seniors, coverage of children up to age 26…

Great points by Judy Feder, as she completely kicks Norm Coleman’s hindquarters. Most importantly, though, is the first thing Coleman admitted, better known as a “gaffe” in the sense of accidentally speaking the truth when you’re not supposed to, that the Republicans will not – repeat NOT – be repealing the Affordable Care Act anytime soon. All their claims to the contrary are just machismo, bluster, and pandering to the teahadists.

P.S. More video of the discussion is on the “flip.”


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