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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, January 26. Also, note that Newton Leroy Gingrich had his keister handed to him last night, all but guaranteeing that Willard “Mitt” Romney will be the Teapublican’t nominee to lose to President Obama in November. Maybe Newton will next run for president of the lunar colony he’s planning on setting up? Heh.

*Robert McDonnell’s empty promises on roads funds (“For the sake of ideological purity, and, most likely, his viability as a possible vice presidential candidate, Mr. McDonnell has proposed no new taxes and has embraced no major initiatives that will provide sustained, year-on-year funding to ease the severely overcrowded and massively underfunded transportation network. That’s fine for the ideologues, but what about commuters and other motorists who rely on a roads network that needs $1 billion in new annual revenue?”)

*Democrats win Va. judicial standoff

*Obama campaign to open Va. headquarters

*Panetta wants to keep 11 carriers, but troop pay could take a hit

*House passes bill to repeal HPV vaccine for girls (“‘Why would we not want young women – who grow into young ladies – to not get cervical cancer?’ Del. Joe Morrissey (D-Richmond) asked his colleagues.”)

*Virginia, feds reach billion-dollar agreement over disabled

*Key gov’s initiative, to start classes before Labor Day, killed by tourism, business lobbies (Yet another Bob McGimmick #FAIL)

*Cuccinelli must not be much of a gardener

*Editorial: Progress on voting rights

*Sunday hunting ban lifted by Va. Senate

*Metro acknowledges another 10-car train

*U.S. CTO Chopra to Step Down (h/t: NLS)


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