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Virginia Seniors: Discriminatory Voter ID Bills Should Be Killed


AARP Virginia has posted new video of seniors speaking out against two bills that would discriminate older Virginians. SB 1 and HB 9 would add new requirements that would specifically make it harder for seniors to vote. Nearly one in five people over 65 don’t have government issued photo IDs, and these bills would force these seniors to vote via provisional ballots.

Because provisional ballots aren’t counted on Election Day, this means that these older voter’s voices likely won’t be heard until after victory is declared or someone concedes-making these seniors feel like their votes don’t count.

Furthermore, SB 1 and HB 9 are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t even exist. There is no evidence in voter fraud whatsoever, and on top of that it will cost millions to implement in a time when we are slashing education budgets and struggling to find transportation funding.  

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