Willard: Pays 15% Tax Rate, Doesn’t Think $375k is Much Money, Doesn’t Know Tuesday is Work Day


    If we needed any more evidence that Willard “Mitt” Romney wasn’t quite like you, me, or almost anyone we know, check out this video. So, Willard pays a 15% tax rate, far lower than most middle class Americans pay, and does not make almost any “earned” or “ordinary” income. Yeah, that’s just like my friends, family and neighbors! Heh.  As if that’s not enough to demonstrate that Thurston Howell III Willard is completely out of touch with normal, middle class/working Americans, how about his comment that his $375,000 in speakers’ fees is “not very much.” No, it’s just about 15 times the median American’s annual income. Finally, Romney apparently doesn’t realize that Tuesday is a work day for normal Americans. Of course, given that Willard’s about as abnormal an American as anyone can get, that’s not exactly a big surprise.

    P.S. It’s stories like these that should help Barack Obama widen his 5-point lead over Willard in coming months, especially assuming the economy continues its recovery from the Republican’t Recession.


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