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Case Study: How Brian Moran Destroys Virginia Democrats’ Moral Authority


I’ve made the point a million times that Brian Moran can NOT simultaneously head up DPVA and also be a major figure in the for-profit “education” scam lobby. People don’t seem to “get it,” but it’s very simple; in fact, in the last hour, I’ve received two emails that help explain it perfectly.

1. First, a friend of mine alerted me to the following article: For-Profit College Chiefs Unwind At Lavish Tahoe Resort.

After two years of intense scrutiny and new federal regulations that have cut into booming enrollments at for-profit colleges, the industry’s executives apparently felt the need for a restful break.

They found it this week at the palatial Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe resort, a wonderland of gondolas, heated pools and upscale dining that is a city unto itself…


“You get a treatment yet?” asked Brian Moran, who just stepped down as interim chairman of the trade group and heads Virginia’s Democratic Party.

“Just got done with it,” said Robert Herzog, the CFO of Harrison College in Indiana and a member of the trade group’s board.

Sweet,” replied Moran.

Yeah, really “sweet,” even as Virginia Democrats are coming off of three-straight disastrous elections, and in the process of watching all the gains we’ve made during 8 years under Warner/Kaine go down the tubes. Brian Moran? He’s out enjoying the “wonderland of gondolas, heated pools and upscale dining” – paid for by taxpayer money, no less. Grrrr.

2. Next, I received an email from the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus (see on the “flip”) ripping Republicans for voting “to use taxpayer dollars to fund private schools.” Uh, guys? That’s EXACTLY what Brian Moran is doing. Exactly! As for Sen. Marsh’s charge that this is a “direct attack on public education, make no mistake about it?” Well, make no mistake about it, Brian Moran’s organization is also directly attacking public education. The only difference? It’s on a much bigger scale at the federal level, thus far more egregious.

Bottom line: Brian Moran can’t continue to serve two masters, especially when they are utterly at odds with one another, certainly in a moral sense. So fine; if Brian can live with himself doing the super-lucrative, scam “education” job, then he needs to step down as DPVA chair and find other ways to support the party. Or, if he really wants to be DPVA chair, he certainly shouldn’t be defending the bad practices of this predatory industry, let alone suing the Democratic administration. Is any of this difficult to understand? Seriously?!?

Senate Republicans Vote to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Private Schools

Senate Bill 131 “is a direct attack on public education, make no mistake about it,” said Senator Henry Marsh

Today, Republican senators voted to pass Senate Bill 131, which takes Virginia backwards by setting aside up to $25 million taxpayer dollars to provide tax credits for businesses that donate money to private schools at a time when public schools are crying out for additional state support.

Senator David Marsden (D-Burke) said, “Money is not going to be saved by taking a few children out of the public schools and sending them to private schools. The cost of public schools – the administrators, the teachers and the overhead – are all still there. We would be taking $25 million from the general fund, which we use for education. This is an unfocused, ill-advised way to go, and I urge you to vote against the bill.”

“I think that if we are interesting in the improvement of education of impoverished children, then we should put the money into the public schools that serve the majority of these children. At a time when schools are struggling, we be increasing their funding – not sending taxpayer dollars to private schools,” said Senator Maime Locke (D-Hampton).

Senator John S. Edwards (D-Roanoke City) said, “This is not about scholarships. Senate Bill 131 is a tax credit, which is a giveaway that sends taxpayers money where taxpayers do not want their money to go. Every school district is screaming for funding from this commonwealth. This bill takes money that could go to public schools and gives it to private schools.”

Senator Henry Marsh (D-Richmond) said, “This is a war against K-12 education, and if this bill passes it will usher in a rapid decline in public education. This is direct attack on public education, make no mistake about it.”


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