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George Allen Campaign Hires Voodoo-and-Sin-Caused-Haiti-Earthquake Dude



Former governor and senator George Allen (R) is amending his campaign disclosure forms filed with the Federal Elections Commission to indicate that Richmond minister Joseph Ellison has been added to the payroll of his U.S. Senate campaign for clergy outreach.


The vice president of pastoral relations and church ministries for the Virginia Pastors Coalition has made some controversial statements, including agreeing with televangelist Pat Robertson’s comments in which he attributed the Haitian earthquake to a pact with the devil. “We believe in the bible that those practices of voodoo and sin will cause a nation to suffer. Those who read the bible and study history know that what Dr. Robertson said was a biblical truth,” Ellison said in a video introducing Del. Bob Marshall (Prince Williams), who is now running against Allen for the GOP nomination.

I dunno, but somehow this seems highly appropriate hire for a guy who believes in, and practices, “voodoo economics!” Also, perhaps Allen believes the “devil made him do it” when he voted to turn Bill Clinton’s surpluses to George W. Bush’s (and George Felix Allen’s) deficits as far as the eye can see? Heh.  


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