Gov. Kaine’s bid for U.S. Senate, a Must Win for VA and the United States


    At a fundraiser for Gov. Tim Kaine in Richmond on February 24, the former governor of Virginia outlined his focus if elected to the U.S. Senate with one word, “talent.”

    Everything else, according to Gov. Kaine, follows from talent, including economic growth, equality of opportunity, and overall social well-being.

    Kaine noted that Virginia or the federal government can attempt to balance the budget until they’re blue in the face, but until the U.S’s education system focuses more on fostering and using talent effectively, our economy will eventually falter under the weight of too many jobs with too few skilled workers.

    On the environment, Gov. Kaine responded honestly that he wouldn’t seek out any environmental committees to sit on in the U.S. Senate. He did however say that if and when environmental legislation came up in the Senate, he would vote to protect public health, the environment, and economic growth ( all of which go together). Gov. Kaine explicitly mentioned his support for clean energy!  

    Here’s what makes Gov. Kaine so special, his ability to appeal to the best in people and to inspire his supporters to look towards a future of greater prosperity, equality, and well-being in the U.S.

    What’s more, Gov. Kaine understands the importance of working with other politicians to get the fairest deal possible for both sides of the political aisle. This is something many politicians in the U.S. have forgotten alongside their constituents. The U.S. is a republic, and as such, diverse interests must be taken into account and represented through policy.

    If this sounds easy, unfortunately it’s not. But Gov. Kaine has made it look easy throughout his political career.

    Virginia and America needs Gov. Kaine in the U.S. Senate.  


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