Loudoun County Republicans Celebrate…the Redcoats?!? UPDATE: “SHOOT HIM!”


    Seriously, Loudoun Republican’ts are putting up graphics of the “Redcoats” (UPDATE: or, possibly, “a close imitation of the uniforms of the US Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps from Fort Myer”; as Loudoun Insider notes, “Yep, that’s what most people will think of when they see redcoated soldiers superimposed over the Constitution, not British Revolutionary War soldiers!” UPDATE #2: Actually, here’s the image, “British Drummer Boys in a Reenactment of the Surrender at Yorktown Battlefield, Virginia”) – you know, the ones we fought against to achieve our country’s independence? Yeah, I know, details details. Heh.

    Of course, as Loudoun Insider points out, this IS the Lunatic County Rage Committee after all. It’s also an important component part of the “barking-mad Republicans of Virginia”. What else is there to say, really?

    P.S. Speaking of “barking-mad Republicans of Virginia,” how about this video, from Feb. 8? Virginia House of Delegates Republicans seriously think it’s funny to yell “SHOOT HIM” at someone, including a Democratic delegate knocking on your door (Castle Doctrine run amok)?  I mean, even for Republicans, this is over the top (and past the bend, etc.). Of course, these are the same people who thought Del. Albo’s “skit” the other day – about how his wife wouldn’t have sex with him because he supported trans-vaginal ultrasounds – was HIlarious!

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