Bob McDonnell Votes Early to Avoid Virginia Women Protesting His Extreme Policies


    Why is Bob McDonnell so afraid of Virginia women?

    Gov. Bob McDonnell cast a vote in the Republican presidential primary this morning at Main Street Station, as he and the first lady Maureen McDonnell became the seventh and eighth voters of the morning here in what’s expected to be a low-turnout Super Tuesday contest.

    McDonnell’s voting time was pushed up to 9:30, missing a women’s rights protest scheduled for later this morning.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the growing backlash he and his party are experiencing due to their relentless war on women’s rights? Could that also be why McDonnell’s Communications Director, Tucker Martin, was so defensive in his interview with CBS 6 (which you can see on the “flip” of this post)? Also note that Martin tried to blame the General Assembly and evade responsibility for his own governor’s actions (and inaction in holding back the extremists in his party).

    Also note Martin’s pathetic attempt to hide behind law enforcement, when the dispute here is over the policies and attitude of the McDonnell administration and Virginia General Assembly Republicans (just like Republicans hide behind “the troops” when they’re really trying to stifle dissent on their unpopular wars). It’s much easier (albeit far more cowardly), of course, then to confront why people are so angry about the anti-women policies that have prompted the rising wave of anger and protests in the first place. Clearly, Bob McDonnell and Company simply don’t “get it,” just as McDonnell’s BFF Willard “Mitt” Romney doesn’t “get it.” No wonder why they “run away” from anyone who challenges them — Virginia women, in this case.


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