I do what I want! Cuccinelli on Supreme Court health care ruling


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    Cartman Cuccinelli Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is tireless in his efforts to bring shame upon Virginia. Mere days after the Supreme Court halted his investigation of UVA professor Michael Mann, he’s at it again.

    Perhaps he was feeling left out because his lower court challenge to the health care law did not make it to the big dance this March, so he’s back to fighting the health care law any way he can—even if it means breaking the law. Last week, Attorney General Cuccinelli stated that unless there are criminal penalties, he would be comfortable breaking the law by not implementing the Affordable Care Act.

    As the Washington Post and Politico reported, at a meeting of the Republican Attorney General Association, our fearless law enforcer set himself apart from his conservative peers who said they would begrudgingly implement the Affordable Care Act if the Supreme Court upholds the law this summer. Attorney General Cuccinelli alluded to his plans to stonewall the health care law, thus goading the federal government to force compliance on recalcitrant states. “It’s not like there’s criminal penalties out there — it becomes a power struggle,” he said.

    If Attorney General Cuccinelli wants a power struggle why doesn’t he start prosecuting big banks that have illegally foreclosed on Virginia’s families? He might even grab some headlines that do not include the words: shame, embarrassment or witch-hunt, for a change.


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