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    Our current activities include:

    — Conducting an ongoing letter-writing campaign to ensure that at least one pro-Democratic, progressive letter appears each week in each of our weekly newspapers.

    — After an analysis of voter turnout in the past few elections, we are working to identify local Democrats and Independents and get them out (1) to vote not only for President Obama in November, but also for the entire Democratic slate, and , (2) to vote in local and state elections, not only in federal elections.

    — Attracting more members.

    We meet the third Thursday of each month; 5:45 PM potluck supper, meeting starts 6:15 PM.  Northumberland County Public Library, 7204 Northumberland Hwy (Hwy 360), Heathsville, VA.

    Next meeting 15 March.

    Northumberland County is one of the six counties that make up Virginia’s Northern Neck and we are part of the Tidewater area where Virginia originated.

    Northumberland is in the fly-over part of VA-01, with the Fredericksburg area to the west and the Norfolk-Newport News area to the SE.

    Our Congressional representative is Rob Wittman.  Rob’s a nice man, looks good in a suit, takes his orders from Eric Cantor, votes the GOP line, never had an original thought and is not likely ever to have one.

    Wittman is being challenged in November by a young former Air Force officer, Adam Cook.  Adam has a strong message, is knowledgeable about the issues, and is already campaigning.  Show him some love:

    We were represented in the House of Delegates by Democrat Albert Pollard, who was popular among Democrats and Republicans.  Al decided not to run for re-election and our HOD rep now is Margaret Ransone of Westmoreland County.  She votes lockstep with the HOD GOP leadership.  We also have a robust regional Tea Party, the 99th District Tea Party.  In fact, their candidate Catherine Crabill came within a few votes of defeating Al Pollard in 2010.

    Ransone beat the Democratic candidate, Nick Smith, a young attorney from Montross.  Nick is a strong candidate; a local man, young, graduate of the UVA Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.  No word on whether Nick will challenge Ransone next election but we all hope so.

    Here are some facts about Northumberland County:

    — Population:  12,330

    — 30 % over 65; 13 % under 18

    — Two traffic lights in the entire county

    — 71 % white, 25 % African-American

    — Median income is $51,000/year, however, that’s misleading as a significant portion of the population is retirees, many with significant income, drawn to our waterfront — Potomac and its tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay.

    — Very limited opportunities for young people.

    — Largest employer is the school system, followed by Omega Protein.  Omega, located in Reedville, operates a fishing fleet solely dedicated to catching and processing Atlantic and Gulf menhaden, a small, bony, oily fish that produces Omega-3 fish oil and fish meal (the meal goes to China).

    — Five-man (and I MEAN “five-man”) County Board of Supervisors has 4 Republicans, one Democrat.


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