Q-Poll: Virginia Voters Strongly Disapprove of GOP Social Agenda; McD Approval Hits Low Point


    Interesting results from Quinnipiac Polls, which clearly indicate that Virginia Republicans’ extreme social agenda is not playing well with voters. Shocker, I know. Heh.

    *”Virginia voters disagree 52-41 percent with a new law that requires women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination at least 24 hours before the procedure.” (Just imagine how low the numbers would be if the word “trans-vaginal” had been in the question?)

    *”Voters also prefer 53-40 percent Virginia’s old law which limited an individual’s handgun purchases to one per month, over the new law which has no limits.” (And I bet a lot of those 40 percent don’t fully understand how repeal of this law is a gift to gun runners, criminals, and gang bangers everywhere.)

    *”Voters say 72-21 percent that government should not make laws which try to convince women seeking an abortion to change their minds.” (That’s overwhelming; Virginians do NOT want this, but apparently Republicans don’t care)

    *”The State Legislature’s negative 38-47 percent score is a 19-point shift from a 47-37 percent positive approval rating February 9 and the first time the legislature has received a negative grade.” (Why’s it even that high?)

    *”Voters approve 53-32 percent of the job Gov. McDonnell is doing, down from a 58-24 percent score February 9 and McDonnell’s lowest rating since the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University began Virginia surveys June 29, 2011.” (That should really boost Bob’s chances of being picked as Willard’s running mate. Not!)

    In sum, the political side of me hopes that Republicans keep showing their true colors and turning off voters. However, the side of me that cares about good public policy and a better future for all Virginians hopes they come to their senses and stop this lunacy. Does anyone have any confidence Republicans will opt for the latter course? Hmmmmm.

    P.S. With regard to that photo, the question is who will have the last laugh in all of this.


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